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Guns of Boom is an online multiplayer first person shooter released on May 18th, 2017 for iOS/Android. It was developed and published by "Game Insight". Guns of Boom is a team-based game with 3 main modes: Team Deathmatch, Control Points and King of the Hill which are played across 14 maps. Guns of Boom is free to download and play, the game features two in-game currencies Gun Bucks and Gold that can be purchased for real money from the Apple App Store/Google Play Store in the form of In-App Purchases. However, all features of the game are open to players who choose not to make In-App Purchases.



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Category assault rifles
Category shotguns
Categoty rifles
Category machine guns
Assault Rifles Shotguns Rifles Machine Guns
Category pistols
Category knives
  Pistols Knives  


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Category helmets
Category pants
Category jacket
Helmets Pants Jacket

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